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The Internet Affiliate Program is one of the most well respected affiliate programs on the Internet today. We feature excellent affiliate management, cutting-edge commission tracking technology, and a comprehensive online management control panel.

There are a number of ways to market our products and services, and we provide you with the tools needed to be a successful affiliate. First, our comprehensive keyword files for search engine marketers covers most of common remote-backup-related terms and phrases. Second, we provide an extensive collection of professionally-designed online advertising brochures.

We have developed a unique tracking system, which is able to track sales generated from both online and offline marketing campaigns. This gives virtually anyone the ability to earn commissions by referring new members. Whether you’re an Internet marketer or home based business owner, our program is for you!

Our current commission for referring a new member starts at $50.00. Affiliates who generate a large number of sales are eligible for increased payouts. If you would like more information about our affiliate program, please contact our Affiliate Program Department at

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Joining Internet Affiliate Program is absolutely free with no obligation and no risk. Unlock your true sales potential with!

Please call us at 212-232-0303 or email us at to get started.